Valentina Moshkina
The most important values are respect for oneself and others, freedom of expression and the wisdom of self-control
  • Graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics with a degree in pedagogy
  • Working with children for 12 years
  • Has experience working with students from grades 1 to 11
  • The main focus of professional activity: primary school, perceptive support of all participants in the educational process

Session: The principles of co-teaching and collaboration among primary teachers

Goal: to talk about the format of teaching in primary school by a team of teachers (co-teaching) and share tools for collaboration in lesson planning, teaching, assessment and extracurricular activities
  • to talk about what the co-teaching is, where it came from, how it is implemented in every-day activities
  • to discuss the benefits and challenges of the format
  • to share practical tools to help implement the format (planning approaches, student progress chart, interaction with learners, colleagues and parents)
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