Polina Maltseva

  • Expert in the field of school education
  • Graduated from ICEF Bachelor's degree, Master's degree London School of Economics
  • Received an MBA from Harvard Business School
  • Led the project to create the school "Letovo"
  • Heads the creation of the social infrastructure of the city of Dobrograd.
  • Creator of a project for parents about successful education and development of children (in just a year, more than 2,400 families from 42+ countries of the world took the course "Educational strategy of the child")

Session: Modern parents: who they are, and how to establish a dialogue and partnership between parents and schools

Goal: to talk about how to build communication between the school and parents, how to come to an understanding and productive partnership
  • to discuss who a modern parent is, and what kind of request he makes to the school
  • to explain that it is critical to establish communication between parents and the school and overcome misunderstandings on both sides
  • to give practical recommendations on the development of productive interaction between parents and school
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