Olga Permyakova

It is necessary to teach, as well as to live, passionately, beautiful, easy!
  • Participant of various Olympiads ("Moscow Teacher", "Pro", etc.)
  • Winner of the "Best Teacher" grant, 2019
  • Prepares children for Olympiads in the Russian language and literature
  • Teacher of the Russian language and literature
  • Candidate of Philological Sciences
  • Master's degree from HSE
  • Considers herself as an enthusiastic person trying to connect different areas in teaching for the development of both child and adult personality

Session: What does it mean to "teach beautifully"?

Goal: to answer the question: What does "beauty" mean in teaching: is it there? Is it needed in teaching?
  • to find out what is included in the concept of "beauty in teaching \ learning \ communication: from observations \ memories \ watching movie episodes to describing different "beauty" in teaching
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