James Nevin
James has been an international educator since 2006, working with schools in the UK, Middle East and Russia. He has held roles as MYP coordinator, assistant headteacher and deputy head alongside teaching English as a second language, history, RE and TOK. James joined the International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN) in 2016 and holds the roles of MYP consultant, MYP site team leader and MYP, IB Ed & continuum workshop leader. Currently, James holds the role of director of an education consulting firm in the UK.

Session: Inquiry-Based Teaching & Learning

Participant will develop the ability to:
  • understand the value of inquiry-based learning and its development in education
  • identify the levels of inquiry that can be applied in classroom teaching
  • compare, contrast, analyse and evaluate the models of inquiry that have been developed by leading academics
  • apply the levels of inquiry in a subject-specific context
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