Elena Khristenko 
Do what you love, love what you do 
• Deputy Director of the school, PYP coordinator 
• Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation 
• candidate of Pedagogical Sciences 
• Master of International Baccalaureate 
• senior lecturer of the Department of Informatization of Education of the Institute of Digital Education of the Moscow City University, Master's program «International Baccalaureate: Theories and Technologies» 
• member of the program committee of the international scientific and practical conference «Co-creation in Education, Management and Business» (Moscow City University) 
• co-head of the practical interregional seminar «Semantic reading by co-creative methods» (Moscow City University) 

Session: Feedback and evaluation: How to support students  to transfer from primary to secondary school
Purpose: to share the experience of organizing continuity between programmes, taking into account PYP students’ agency 
• Identify situations of showing PYP students’ agency in the assessment process 
• Demonstrate possible ways to organise co-creative continuity between programmes PYP and MYP IB
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