Ekaterina Zenya

Be the best!
  • Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • MYP Coordinator
  • Chemistry Teacher, Sciences, Chemistry SL/HL
  • Expert of Federal institute of educational measurements (since 2018)
  • Senior Researcher at FIPI on the development of control and measuring materials of the Unified State Exam in Chemistry (since 2020)
  • Expert of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (since 2019)
  • Program Leader, School Visit Team Member
  • IB MYP workshop leader
  • IB MYP Examiner (personal project, chemistry, integrated disciplines)
  • BQC Reviewer of the IB MYP (mono disciplinary and interdisciplinary)

Session: How are Archimedes and inquiry-based learning connected?

Goal: to study how the inquiry-based educational environment works and learn how to use an inquiry-based approach in different types of lessons
  • to systematize knowledge about the inquiry-based approach to teaching
  • to develop criteria of assessment in the inquiry-based educational environment
  • to develop strategies to implement the inquiry-based approach in the classroom
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